Worried about 'getting it right' for LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANS* AND NON-BINARY identified clients?

  • Are you fearful of 'not knowing enough' / 'saying the wrong thing' / 'not received relevant training' ?
  • Would you value some time out to explore your own thoughts and feelings about diversity in sexual orientation and gender varience?
  • Would you like to know how to ensure these clients feel safe to contact       you and welcome in your practice?



2018: Developing  LGBTQI+ Cultural Competence and Confidence CPD certificate course 

 modular course for counsellors, psychotherapists and other well-being practitioners aims to:


  • Widen understanding of these diverse identities beyond the LGBT labels, myths and stereotypes
  • Improve Practice confidence and cultural competence
  • Improve these client's therapeutic experience
  • Safely explore your own thoughts and feelings about diversity in sexual orientation and gender varience


 NOTE: Attendance at all three modules create a certificate course.  Although designed to be stand-alone modules, attendance of either of the first two modules, or a demonstrable knowledge of the range and spectrum of LGB & T identities are required to get the most from the final date.

  • March 3: 'LGB+ Awareness': Improving awareness and understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual and the myriad of of related sexual orientation identities


  • March 4th : 'Transgender and Non-Binary Awareness': Improving awareness and understanding of gender identity diversity in children and adults, and learning about the related specialist support services/medical model processes available


  • March 10th: The key LGBTQI+ issues that may present in practice for clients with these identities or their families- considering the societal impacts to those with sexual orientation or gender identity diversity and  'My own process and developing an affirmative stance' : A safe space to explore and gain understanding our own internal responses and to look at the importance of an affirmative stance (to ensure we are not inadvertantly deterring these client groups from engaging with us and our services.)




 ‘’ I'm amazed at how much I didn't know'' 


''helped me with blind spots I didnt know i had''


''The presentations were excellent and the knowledge around working with LGBT identified clients helped me feel more confident as a counsellor working with the clients I already see’’.


‘’It’s great that you are bringing CPD on gender and sexual diversities to the South West where there is such a strong culture of repression and isolation for these people’’ 


''i can feel my mind expanding already '' (before coffee break on day one)





 Delivered by Tina Hill-Art, livingandlife counselling in collaboration with

David Humeniuk, Red Earth Counselling.




Further Course Info:

Suitable for:

Health and Well-being practitioners, counsellors, Psychotherapists and anyone working directly with people ( ie NHS, health Centres, teachers, Social Workers, Charity Workers etc.)



A combination of didactic and experiential styles, with small and large group interactions.

Powerpoint, video and creative tools. handouts and reference resources.




Tina Hill-Art Reg MBACP  is a community advocate/support worker, counselling service coordinator and previously the group supervisor for The Intercom ( LGBT+) Trust, (South-West wide support organisation), and is a counsellor and supervisor in private practice (livingandlife counselling). She has received specialist training in working therapeutically with these client groups from the Intercom Trust, The NHS Tavistock & Portman Clinic (London based national young people's Gender Identity Disorder Service) and Exeter's specialist NHS adult Gender Service (The Laurels). Tina has many years of experience working with these client groups both in private practice and in a charity setting . She currently coordinates the counselling service for The Intercom LGBT+ Trust


Tina is an experienced trainer and facilitator, both in this field and others,  with a career history which includes training, coaching and development.


David Humeniuk Reg MBACP is a diversity tutor at Devon Counselling College and a counsellor/ supervisor in private practice ( Red Earth Counselling).

His experience of work with people identifying as LGB or T+ derives from his counselling practice and his previous experience working in care and support services. He currently runs the counsellor's external group supervision for The Intercom (LGBT+) trust


David is an experienced trainer and facilitator with a long history of work in services aimed at helping people make good lives for themselves, and has a particular passion for ensuring these clients have access to affirmative and inclusive services.