for individuals, couples and other relationship models

You may not be used to sharing your personal concerns with another person and if you are trying counselling for the first time, I am aware it can feel scary.


Arriving here though, means you have taken the first important step towards seeking a neutral and non-judgemental person to explore your predicament with, and get support.


You may be.....

  • Experiencing difficulties that are restricting your enjoyment of day to day living
  • Looking to improve a particular relationship or situation
  • Wanting to gain clarity in certain aspects of your life


If you have questions about the counselling process, you may find the answer in the 'questions' section (tab on the left)



To find out more about the confidential services I offer, select one of the relevant tabs, or to make an appointment, use the contact form




My fees are £50 for a one hour session for individuals and £70 for a 1.5 hour session for relationships ( 2 people, other relationship multiples by arrangement)

Limited concession appointments available for those on low income or counselling students.


I offer an intital 30 minute asessment session at £20 ( £30 couples/relationship multiples) where we can discuss your personal situation further.


Whichever counsellor you choose, it is important to know that counselling and psychotherapy, along with many other well-being services, are currently UNREGULATED professions (meaning anyone can set up without qualifications or ethical guidelines to adhere to and therefore no-one for you to turn to should things go wrong).

It is therefore highly recommended that you seek someone who is a member of the BACP / NCS / UKCP or other similar reputable professional body, and who indicate their commitment to ethical practice by being a member of the voluntary profesional standards register. (you will see a professional standards register logo on my front page as an example). You can check the register (find out which register the practitioner belongs to, mine is the BACP for example) via this website: and DO CHECK!

Not all professional bodies have a complaints procedure that would remove a practioner in the case of malpractice, for example, the British Psychological Society ( for psychologists) does not have a process for investigating concerns, most psychologists however, but not all, belong to the HCPC ( the main regulating body), again, do check!