Within the counselling and psychotherapy profession, and as a requirement of any reputable professional body membership, it is considered best practice to maintain professional supervision to enhance practice and maintain client safety.

Typically, one counsellor contracts the services of another, usually more experienced or knowledgeable about a particular area of work, to act as the supervisor of their work, or attends 'group supervision' where several counsellors attend and the supervisor oversees the processing of the group's client work.


The supervisor does not attend client sessions - they meet to discuss the counsellor's client work, and any issues that may impact on that work. Client's confidentiality is maintained throughout.




The process of supervision is a form of professional development and accountability where, in a relationship of trust and transparency, the supervisee, using an experiential learning cycle, reviews and reflects on their practice.

The supervisor acts as 'third eye', fellow 'explorer', sounding board and ethical/professional compass.

Both parties have the ultimate aim of safety of and improved therapeutic service to the 'absent' client /service user.



Holding in mind that 'HOW DOES IT WORK' description, it's important to note that  supervision also happens between other professionals, ie a supervisor and a manager of a well-being service (I also do this work) , or between a supervsisor and a senior leadership teams member in education for example (I don't do this work , but can signpost you to someone who does if of interest) . It is considered best practice that the supervsior is externally contracted so that the professional has a confidential space to talk about all aspects of thier work that may impact thier ability to delivery a full and fullfilling service to thier clients/service user, as well as consider their own personal needs and well-being, without those concerns impacting on any management relationships within the organisation

looking for a supervisor?

I offer individual and group supervision, and am trained in the use of Hawkins & Shohet's 'Seven-Eyed' supervision model. ( download info sheet below) 

I can also be consulted for a one-off /occasional supervision /consultation where you may be working with LGBT+ identified clients / material and your current supervsion provision does not have the relevant experience or confidence.


I aim to provide a client-focused collaborative and collegial relationship where supervisees feel supported to meet all aspects of their clinical work, and where we can share exisiting ideas and approaches to enrich and develop knowledge, skills and experience.


My fee structure for supervision is the same as for my counselling work, and I offer reduced rates for counselling students.

Contact me for further details, or for group supervision rates.


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